Muay Thai

A trending combat sport from Thailand, Muay Thai, is the art of eight limbs. Muay Thai uses fists, elbows, knees, and shins in combat moves. Using the full body forces a combat fighter to be in excellent shape, condition and able to use entire body movements.  Muay Thai involves rotating the hips with every kick, elbow, block and punch.


Originally there were only two punches used in Muay Thai. One of these punches included long circular strikes made with a straight arm and landing on the opponent with the heel of the palm. Now Muay Thai masters use the full range of boxing punches like lead jab, hook, uppercut, over hands as well as hammer fists.


The elbow is a striking weapon. You can use your elbows horizontally, diagonal upwards and downwards, upper cut, flying, and downward. Using the elbow from the side can be a finishing move or a way to cut your opponent’s eyebrow. The point of a cut eyebrow is to allow blood to obstruct vision. Using the elbow is one of the most dangerous tactics in this form of martial art. Use a single elbow that is independent of other moves. A follow-up elbow is the second strike from the same arm.

Kicks are the foot jab and the kicking upwards in a triangle shape or a roundhouse kick. Muay Thai uses a rotational movement of the entire body adopted by other martial arts and boxing sports. The roundhouse kick draws its power from the rotation movement of the hips. If you are the defender, block the kick with your shin.

The foot thrust or foot jab is used as a defensive technique to block attacks. Get quick with your foot movements but use enough force to knock your opponent down.

In the clinch, use your knee and elbow techniques. Muay Thai uses stand-up grappling in clinch fighting. Perform front cinches with the palm of one hand and the back of the other hand. Do not intertwine your fingers. Always press the head of your opponent down that makes it easy to lock your hands behind their head. Use your forearms to press against your opponent’s collar bone. Get out of a clinch by pushing the opponent’s head backward or elbowing them. There are various methods of the cinch you learn in Muay Thai training camps.


Muay Thai focuses heavily on body conditioning. It is designed to promote a level of fitness required for ring competition. Training requires running, shadow boxing, jump rope as well as body weight resistance exercises. In some cases, weight training is a part of conditioning and medicine ball exercises plus abdominal exercises complete the training methods.

Training camps focus on fitness. Personalized nutrition counseling as well as dedicated and certified personal trainers who are expert in yoga, cardio, Pilates and self-defense lead you through a program that fits your goals. Tailor Muay Thai for weight loss, preliminary kickboxing experiences, or go to the highest level in Muay Thai. Be goal driven and aware that Muay Thai requires dedication and mindset.