“Dekdoi”is still wondering and would like to get revenge of “Phalangphon”

Dekdoi with severe knee or Thanadate Th. Pran 49 has been ready to get revenge by fighting with Palangphon Phetyindee Academy after overcoming Rungnarai of Rattanabundit university of Suek One King Thong broadcasted in the next match on this Thursday of 11st June 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Then, the teamwork should ask Phalangphon and he to fight with each other without making disappointment to the Muay Thai fans  surely.

For Suek One Kingthong to fight as the big match on this 11st June 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium , the promoter Kingthong Luakphrabat has made the list of Dekdoi with severe knee or Thanadate Th. Pran 49 to fight with Rungnarai of Rattanabundit university again. Besides, Thanadate has revealed that for this match he is unsure to pass into the deeper round for getting revenge with Phalangphon successfully. Unfortunately, he has been knocked on the last match  by Phalangphon before , but if he has faced with him again , he might find the solution to overcome this boxer surely without making disappointment to the Muay Thai fans of course.

Thanadate said with confidence that in this match he feels firmly to overcome Rungnarai in order to get revenge with Phalangphon in the next match. Then, it should best regard for the teamwork or the promoter to let them to get revenge with each other in the next match without making disappointment by fighting with funniness surely.

Banglee has boasted that “Taladkhwag” might absolutely be the winner of this game

Banglee or the Senior Surgeant Mayor Kerttisak Mudor has guaranteed for Taladkwag Saksamrit to become the winner without afraid of the good name and the strength of King Kertchareon surely. Besides, he has best regarded for the Muay Thai fans to be certain about his form without making disappointment to them including to be trained excellently too.

For the current of Suek Muai Thai Ched See broadcasted on this Sunday of 14th June 2015 at Morchit boxing stadium , the teamwork has selected the master ones to fight in this program.  Lately, Palee Yala or the Senior Surgeant Mayor King Kerttichareonchai has believed that this game might be in the amusement way without making any trouble for feeling disappointment surely. However, it depends on the funniness no matter of being the winner or the loser one.

For this time this boxer had been practicing himself continuously by being supported with Bang to be the trainer of him. Thus, it shouldn’t have any problem , and it is believed that this boxer might fight with amusement without afraid of the dignity by showing his good strategy of course.

It can be certainly that “Phet” might be the winner of the match.

Even Though it had been pulling down the boxing stadium for several month , Kai Sitkaewphraphon has confirmed that Phet Phayakkhamphan has still prepared himself to fight in the next match all the times after been cured his illness. Then, it shouldn’t have any problem about his fighting in the next match certainly.

Kai Sitkaewphraphon or the big boss of Sitkhaewphraphon said that in this match Mit Nakorn has brought Phet Phayapkhamphan to fight with Weeraphonlek Weronafarm as the master ones of Suek Rachadamnern Superfight on this Sunday of 14th June 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium in PPTV channel since 3.00 p.m. Then, Phet Phayapkhamphan should prepare himself after been cured for his illness from fighting in the last match. In addition, lately he has fought in the countryside before, so this time it shouldn’t have any trouble. Thus, the Muay Thai fans can feel comfortably after having checked for everything. Finally, though he feels pity for his boxer with his weakness to fight , but he still confidences in his ability to be the winner for sure without afraid of his couple one.