It should send the encouragement to “Chuchareon” for fighting as another 2 matches to gain 100000 baht.

The well-known boxer of Mahasarakham or the lietunent Ran Sarakham has invited the Muay Thai fans to prove the popularity of new excellent boxer or Chuchareon Dabransarakham. Thus, it has left not less than 2 matches for becoming to the 100000 baht boxer in order to invite Sarakham and North Eastern Muay Thai fans. Then, it can cheer up for the new master couple one of Lumphinee boxing stadium to fight with Phetmorakot W. Sangphraphai on this 7th August in 2015 at Lumphinee boxing stadium.

Therefore, Chuchareon Dabransarahkham has become to be the excellent master couple one of boxing circle with his hot form by defeating of the former champion or Kongsak P.K. Sanchai Muai Thai Yim. Besides, he can create the good name to impress the Muay Thai fans by fighting with the excellent one on Suek Phetyindee Phetmorakot W. Sangphraphai in 134 pounds.

The liteunent Ran Sarakham said at the end that in this hour Chuchareon has showed his fresh form to be the winner with the high price of 80000 baht. Besides, this match is the important one , so he might gain 100000 baht if he has fought not less than 2 matches. Consequently, it has invited the North Eastern Muay Thai fans ; namely, Mahasarakham people to cheer up of Chuchareon in terms of becoming to be the excellent boxer of 100000 baht. Finally, it should let the Muay Thai fans of Chuchareon to prove the hot form whether to defeat of Phetmorakot.

Additionally, there might be the second couple one or Phrachanchai to bargain weight for Phet in 2 pounds following by Mongkolchai to fight with Sakulchailek , Sia Kim to fight with Sakulchai , Prachanbarn to fight with Wacharaphon , Onechalong to fight with Saknarinnoi and Sprinter to fight with Methee for worth of 500 baht.

Don’t be hurried to come back at Chitmuengnon boxing stadium.

Ouan Muengnon has invited the Muay Thai fans to watch the boxing program on Suek Chit Muengnon as the big match on this Thursday of 6th August in 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Then, it might have the flyweight boxer to grasp the champion at Rachadamnern boxing between Chomhoad Imminent Air and Chaisiri Sakniranrat and the final couple one or Ongree S. Dechaphan to protect the champion of 105 pounds at Rachadamnern boxing stadium with Yodbuadang S. Sirilak. Therefore, it has confirmed that everything might be the same to make the Muay Thai fans to trust.

For Suek Chit Muengnon broadcasted on this Thursday of 6th August in 2015,  it has the big match that the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss because there are all interesting couple one on this program. Besides, Ouan Muengnon and his teamwork have made the list of couple one for Suek Chitmuengnon to fight. Then, the Muay Thai fans should pay the ticket for the Muay Thai fans to watch for the program.

Ouan revealed that everything is in the same way ; for example, Chomhoad might fight with Chaisiri at Rachadamnern in 115 pounds as well as Oungree to protect the champion in 105 pounds with Yodbuadang. Soon, it shouldn’t miss for the good couple one to pay the ticket by the Muay Thai fans for watching the program and follow his work.

“Chanchai” will come back to his old Muay Thai camp to train himself excellently.

Anake Sangmorakot has accepted that  inside Itisukkato Muay Thai camp doesn’t have any big size trainer to train with Chanchai Sitittisukkato for fighting as 5th Weber Program in Suek Chao Muai Thai. Then, he has returned Chanchai to his original Muay Thai camp to take care of him already.

Anake Sangmorakot or one of the teamwork of Suek Sangmorakot and the head of Muay Thai camp and the manager of Sititisukkato Muay Thai camp have revealed their minds to the reporters of Muai Siam that inside Sititisukkato Muay Thai camp doesn’t have any big trainer to train for Chanchai Sititisukkato on              5th Weber of Suek Chao Muai Thai , Anake has made a decision to return this boxer to his original Muay Thai camp to take care of him already

Anake said that because his Muay Thai camp doesn’t have any big size boxer to train for Chanchai , he has made a decision to return Chanchai to his original Muay Thai camp for being taken care already. Besides, with his much readiness and the good future of this boxer , he will pass into fighting for 5th Weber boxing program after he has won for 1 match already, and in the next match he should pass into the Semi Final round surely, so Chanchai should come back to practice with his old head of the Muay Thai camp with his same supporting.