“Changsuek” has dreamed high until feel down letting “Pakkalek” to fight with “Thanonchai”.

Changsuek Kertthongrit has confirmed to fight with his best form in order to become to be the 100000 baht excellent boxer although his name is in the second way. However, in this hour Pakkalek T. Laksong might not be afraid of anyone although he has his different shapes and he has been bargained for 1 pound also.

Furthermore, now it has given the happiness to the Muay Thai fans in order to prove the good performance for Suek Yod Muai Thai on Thai Rat TV broadcasted on every Saturday since 3.00-5.00 p.m. Then, the promoter Thongchai Rattanasuban has guaranteed for the happiness , and on this Saturday of 26th December in 2015 Pakkalek T. Laksong or the 1 million baht excellent one might fight with Changsuek as the master one in 128/129 pounds. Thus, Changsuek might show his much height than his couple one for 20 c.m. while Pakkalek might have his better name than his couple one.

For the last match , it has showed that according to the knee power of Changsuek  it has resulted into the defeating of Luaknimit Singkhlongsee until he becomes to be the loser on the last match. Then, Ben Kertthongrit or the head of the boxing camp is really confident that for the next aim Thanonchai Thanakornyim might pass into the master couple one. Furthermore, it should thank you for Thongchai to give the opportunity and make Changsuek to become the well-known one rapidly. Thus, on this Saturday the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss for watching Changsuek as the New Year’s gift on Yod Muai Thai Rat program.

It hopes to entertain the viewers by letting “Khen” to show his great performance.

Khen of Andaman university or the hot form might fight with Singthong Yuttachonburi to show the good performance at the boxing stadium. Besides, he might entertain the Muay Thai fans throughout the country , and both of them might fight on Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 2ndJanuary in 2016 on channel 3. Then, it is confident that this couple one might fight with funniness to gain a large amounts of money surely.

For the favourite one of the Muay Thai fans between Khen of Andaman university , now in the next match he might fight with Singthong Yuttachonburi in 118 pounds. Thus, the teamwork of Palangmai group has decided to bring this couple one to show on Suek Chao Muai Thai on channel 3 broadcasted on this Saturday of 2nd January in 2016. Additionally, this couple one might fight as the second one in order to show their strategies at the boxing stadium without making the disappointment to the Muay Thai fans throughout the country of course.

Sia Sommai said that now Ken and Singthong is the favorite one , so he just has brought them to fight on channel 3 to show their good performance and gain a lot of money. In addition, Khen has his really fresh form to fight while Singthong has his outstanding form too.

Sia Khak has supported “Faipha” to grasp the champion.

Apart from Sia Bu Muengphet,  Palae Kertthongrit has accepted that Sia Khwag P.K. is the one at the back scene of Faipha S. Narongrit , and now this boxer has passed into the Final round of 13rd Fukthiangroup already in this time though all the times he hasn’t been the champion before.

Palae Kertthongrit has opened his mind after Faipha S. Narongdate or the most hopeful to win of 13 Fukthiangroup of Suek Chao Muai Thai has passed into the Semi Final round fighting at Siam Om Noi already. Besides, all the times Sia Khwak P.K. always support Faipha S. Narongrit at the back scene until this time he has been successful to have a chance for grasping the champion though he hasn’t had his experience to be the champion before.

Palae said that apart from Sia Bu or the affliation , there will be Sia Khwak  who has assisted Faipha to pass into the next match on 13rd Fukthiangroup at Siam Om Noi boxing stadium. Thus, Paelae might not forget for his supporting and take caring of Faiphato pass into the final round although he hasn’t been the champion before. On the other hand, this is the first time for him to grasp the champion with his dream.