The director Thad has specified that “Satanfah” might be the well-known one.

The director Thad or Sukthad Phumphanmueng believes that this year Satanfah S. Bunkrong might be the champion after showing the good form with his smartness and good body condition. Lately, he has won the score of Fahpha S. Narongrit with several points to grasp the champion if he has been taken the good care.

Satanfah S. Bunkrong or the disciple of the director Thad Phumphanmeung has showed his good performance by defeating Abbas Luaksuan , Sanamthong Ch. Phatcharaphon , Newwangchan Phakornpornsurin and Fahphai S. Narongrit to become the superb ones.

For the future of Satanfah , the director Thad reveals that he has showed the good form with his confidence, and lately he has won Fahphai with several points so that the Muay Thai fans can watch for the good work of him with the good care of the teamwork.

The director Thad reveals that his teamwork and he might take care of Satanfah as the best way because he has his good form , smartness and good body condition in order to let the Muay Thai fans to cheer up. However, it should wait only the good chance only.

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