“Ouan” has made the prone whether whoever wins this game might pass into the final round.

Ouan Muengnon or the professional promoter of Suek Chitmuengnon has made the list of Yodphayak Ph. Chareonphat and Phetaek P. Chalad. Then, anyone who wins this game might be supported for grasping the champion in102 pounds on channel 7 boxing camp that has Pheemai Arawan to be the champion as now.

Yodphayak Chitmuengnon has showed the good form with Phetaek P. Chalard in 102 pounds as the master couple one of Suek Chit Mueng Non of Somchit Wankaew or the promoter with Ouan Meuengnon on this Wednesday of 30th September 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium.

Ouan Muengnon reveals that now it has the couple one between Yodphayak to fight with Phetaek as the small size couple one that the Muay Thai fans always knows. Significantly, all of them would like to grasp the champion in 102 pounds at Channel 7 boxing stadium. Moreover, it has Pheemai Arawan as the current champion boxer , so the teamwork of Banphonlameungdee and he have their correct opinion. In addition, it might select the winner of this couple one to fight with Pheemai on the next opportunity.  Therefore, both of Yodphayak and Phetaek have their correct opinion that this match might be the bonuses for the winners , so it should fight with the best way. Finally, Yodphayak has been practicing with Nan Wisutchareonyon to be the strong one. While , now Phetaek has practiced at the countryside prior to train at the countryside and practice on the final way at Kertphet. Thus, it depends on the winner whether whoever has planned the way to fight in the better way.

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