The Muay Thai fans have pointed the way to survive by exchanging the boxers.

Moreover, it has known that how to make the lists of the boxers in this age has a lot of problems , so the promoters have lost much money to gain losses , especially for Lumphinee boxing stadium that has less viewers. Then, the promoters have been disappointed about this subject , but there is the expert who views that if the promoters on 2 boxing stadiums have exchanged for the boxers without quarrelling. Finally, it might persuade the Muay Thai fans to come back for watching on the boxing stadium not so difficultly.

Besides, now the promoters of 2 boxing stadiums can create the master couple ones for 70 people only. Then, how the boxing programs stay with this boxing circle , and it is pitiful for the promoters. Moreover, without the master couple ones , there are less numbers of the viewers ; thus, the most beautiful solution on this time is to let the promoter for opening the broad mind to exchange the boxers.

Then, because everyone would like to watch for the boxers in different programs , it should make the great investment by selecting the hot ones to favor for the Muay Thai fans ; namely, Sam D to fight with Raktemroi , Prachanchai to fight with Phanomrunglek , Ronnachai to fight with Satanmeunglek , Kwandome to fight with Thanadate , Sangdaew to fight with Sprinter , Sing to fight with Nattaphon , Phetnamngam to fight with Mongkolchai , Sakulchailek to fight with Ploywittaya , Yodmongkol to fight with Jamesak , Pakkalek to fight with Sam A , Thanonchai to fight with Rotlek , Sangmanee to fight with Muengthai , Seksan to fight with Kwankhao , Phetmorakot to fight with Chuchareon , Yodwicha to fight with Manasak , Pakorn to fight with Phetbunchu and others.

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