“Aekbangtrai” confirms for his decision, except for his not comfortable feeling to fight at Rachadamnern.

Aek Bangtrai is known well that although he has the big roles on several programs , it shouldn’t  be worried for him to make a decision with using fairness to fight on all matches. Besides, he knows the way to behave on this boxing circle without being complained much.

The consultant of Rachadamnern boxing stadium has revealed his mind to the reporters of Muai Siam directly that recently he has taken charge of several roles. However, the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t be worried because he has his good decision to behave suitably on this boxing circle without being blamed. Moreover, he has known well that what he doing is , such as being the head of the boxing camp, the head of social work , the president of the funds to feel comfortable what he doing is.  Additionally, he feels that the way to fight at Rachadamnern boxing stadium has a lot of problems and it has the expenditures for the boxers ; namely, the maintaining , the take caring to practice themselves and the expenditures of the trainer teamwork. On the other hand, he can accept for his losing  as well as respecting for the decision of the Muay Thai fans in order to see this boxing circle to be developed in the future.

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