“LekLai” must be famous

“Bang-Dum” Pradit Emyuden, LekLai Chor. Pradit chieftain thank for Chun KieatPetch and Sor Deang, promoter that always support LekLai to fight in so many program. Recently he is in top form. Bang-Dum is full of confident in LekLai must be famous.


Shapely boxer, LekLai Chor.Pradit had rarely boxing match in the past. He almost gave up but Chun KieatPetch and Sor Deang.Promoter support him to fight in boxing program. Now he can beat so many opponents. Lately he beat MangkonYok Sor. Pupplanarai by score in TGN Channel, “Bang-Dum” Pradit Emyuden said.

From now“LekLai” future is control by “Pa Chun” and “Sor Deang”. Pa Chun can support him to be famous boxer. He is hard working. I am full of confident in LekLai is my first boxer who must be famous. “Bang Dum “said.

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