“Changsuek” has dreamed high until feel down letting “Pakkalek” to fight with “Thanonchai”.

Changsuek Kertthongrit has confirmed to fight with his best form in order to become to be the 100000 baht excellent boxer although his name is in the second way. However, in this hour Pakkalek T. Laksong might not be afraid of anyone although he has his different shapes and he has been bargained for 1 pound also.

Furthermore, now it has given the happiness to the Muay Thai fans in order to prove the good performance for Suek Yod Muai Thai on Thai Rat TV broadcasted on every Saturday since 3.00-5.00 p.m. Then, the promoter Thongchai Rattanasuban has guaranteed for the happiness , and on this Saturday of 26th December in 2015 Pakkalek T. Laksong or the 1 million baht excellent one might fight with Changsuek as the master one in 128/129 pounds. Thus, Changsuek might show his much height than his couple one for 20 c.m. while Pakkalek might have his better name than his couple one.

For the last match , it has showed that according to the knee power of Changsuek  it has resulted into the defeating of Luaknimit Singkhlongsee until he becomes to be the loser on the last match. Then, Ben Kertthongrit or the head of the boxing camp is really confident that for the next aim Thanonchai Thanakornyim might pass into the master couple one. Furthermore, it should thank you for Thongchai to give the opportunity and make Changsuek to become the well-known one rapidly. Thus, on this Saturday the Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss for watching Changsuek as the New Year’s gift on Yod Muai Thai Rat program.

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