“Pa Kung” supports “JoJo” to fight Muay Thai at Rajadamnern Stadium

Pa Kung Rongnamkeang need more gambling price because he has only 200 thousand THB. He want everyone can bet.


Pa Kung Rongnamkeang big boss form PakungRongnamkeang said, the competition between JoJo HuaRongnamkeang  Muay Thai camp VS Pakkalek Tor.Laksong Muay Thai training camp in Sukonesongchai nguenlan in January 8 at Rajadamnern Stadium in Thailand . The gambling price is 2 million THB (1 million per person) He keeps only 200 thousand THB. And give others for gambling. If you want me to get more bet please give more gambling price because I have only 200 thousand. Anyway I don’t know Pakkalek want to increase or not. I have to wait for him before the match.

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