It would gain 3 million baht for “the winner one”.

Sorchor Wao Padreaw has accepted that in the past the teamwork would like to gain only 2 million baht , but as this time there are 10 expert boxer to fight , so it can collect a large amounts of money. Besides, on the Gathering of Padreaw People program , it might be able to collect money with totals of 3 million baht for each winner.

Sorchor Wao has revealed his mind to the reporters of Muai Siam that after tere are 10 expert boxers joining in to this program to broadcast on this 29th April 2016, it has the high ratios to gain with 3 million baht for each winner. And, this program might create the new history to the boxing circle for grasping with 3 million baht for each winner as well as the full participation of his teamwork and him.

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