“Namchai” will fight with “Dennongkae” to make the amaze.

Now, Namchai Sitrunganan has confirmed to fight with Dennongkae J.S.P. ;moreover, now he has been practicing himself at Bangkapi in S. Sommai boxing camp. Similarly, because Nongkae has his severe strategies by kicking and punching ,he should block and fight severely back. And, if anyone really likes each one , they can cheer the one up.

It has confirmed surely that in this match the supporting couple one of Suek Chu Chareon Muai Thai might fight with each other on this Wednesday of 27th April 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Moreover, there will be between Dennongkae fighting with Namchai Sitrunganan in 130/131 pound. However, with checking for the cheering team , it might not have any problem with the supporting of Sia Mor or Chuchareon Raweearamwong or the promoter and the boss of Palangmai group or Sommai Sakulmateta.

Therefore, for the couple one between Dennongkae and Namchai, they have never fought with each other before. Besides, Otea Charumeung or the expert one or the buddy of Sia Mor has given the opinion that Dennongkae always shows his good performance with his dangerous kicking and punching all the times. However, for Namchai now he has his various strategies with good size , so it might be amusing for this game although Dennongkae has his good experience to fight with the strong ones before. Thus, Namchai may have more weaknesses than his couple one for a bit.

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