“Sia Long” has advised in the awesome way.

Sia Long Bangplee advised for the Muay Thai fans to make the list of Suwannaphum and Numdabpleng S.T.D. & Transports , who have readiness to fight in Suek Phetwisate on this Wednesday 21st January 2015 at Rachadamnern Muay Thai stadium.                                Besides, it is confident that both of them might not make disappointment to the Muay Thai fans surely because of the good preparation and training well from the good body condition to be cheered up by the Muay Thai fans.

For Suek Phetwisate on this Wednesday 21st  January 2015 at Rachadamnern  boxing stadium , the promoter or NongBoat or Nattadate Wachirarattanwong and teamwork under Sia Long Bangplee to fight for 2 boxers ; namely, Suwannaphum S.T.D. & Transports facing with Kaewmorakot S. Thanayong and Numdabpleng S.T.D. & Transports facing with Yimsiam Nakornmeungdate. Besides, Sia Long has revealed that for this match both of them have trained themselves fully with good body condition and experiences to fight without causing disappointment to the Muay Thai fans surely. As the result, this match might be exciting and amusing for sure although Numdabpleng has been defeated of Kaewmorakot before.

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