“Phet” really likes to fight in 118 pounds on the day.

The Muay Thai fans shouldn’t be shocked because now Kai Sitkaewprapon has made the list of Phetphayabkhamphan to fight in 118 pounds on the day with the suitability.

Kai Sitkaewprapon or the big boss of Payabkhamphan said after bringing the teamwork of Muai Dee Witheethai and Phet Phayabkhamphan or the boxer in his boxing camp to face with Kochawarn S. Bunchan in Suek Muai Dee Witheethai on this 18th January 2015 at Rangsit that in the last match Phet has fought in 117 pounds until winning the score of Khomphayak Teemuenglei at night. Similarly, in this match he might fight at night in 118 pounds, so it shouldn’t be the big problem because of the excellence of Phet Phayabkhamphan or his boxer to fight in every match.

The big boss of Sitkaewphrapon said that although his boxer has fought excellently on the day in 118 pounds , but he might be able to fight at night in 117 pounds without shocking because of the suitability of the weight to be increased or reduced.

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