“Kwanchai” would like to join in the Semi Final round.

For Suek 15th Muai Phun Siaboxing round , it has begun to be exciting for the Muay Thai fans much. Moreover, on last Sunday Khwanchai Nokkaewresort has showed the beautiful form as well as Yodphet Pangkongphrab to win their both couple boxers and then both pass into the second round further. Then, these two left boxers might face with each other in the next match , and anyone who is the winner might pass into the Semi Final round instantly. Whilst, Berm Phudin , who has taken care of Khwanchai, is confident that Khwanchai might pass into the deeper round for sure.

For Suek Muai Thai Ched See on last Sunday,  this is the 15th PhunSiaboxing round to fight for funniness in term of favoring the Muay Thai fans , especially for the first couple boxer or Yokphet S. Yingchareonkarnchang , who has lost the game to Khwanchai with surprising. On the other hand, Nokkaewresort has overcome Yodphet Pangkongphrab to win Rotthang Chitmuengnon with funniness also.

Berm Phudin or the teamwork of the supporter for the well-known one or Kwanchai from Chaiyaphum province has revealed to the reporters that for the first couple boxer or Kwanchai Nokkaewresort or the leading actor from Chaiyaphum province , now he has showed the excellent form with Yokphet S. Yingchareonkarnchang for 2-1 to be the winner.

Additionally, the teamwork of the supporter or Berm Phudin has revealed through Siam Daily boxing program that the boxer as Kwanchai has his more experiences to fight ,especially in the countryside. Thus, on this PhunSiaboxing round he can fight with everyone to show his beautiful form with his extremely confidence to pass into the Semi Final round not hard although he might face with Yodphet  or the hard one.

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