“Kingthong” would like the Muay Thai fans in Thailand to prove the performance.

Kingthong Luakprabat has selected the great couple boxers to fight in the next program without making disappointment to the Muay Thai fans in Thailand absolutely. Then, there will be the master couple boxer to fight on the next match for this 16th  March 2015 ; namely, Sit Aek A. Bualert to fight with Phetngam Kertkamphon , which is hard to predict the winner.

At this moment, it has showed the lists of couple boxers for Suek One King Thong broadcasted on this 16th March 2015 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Therefore,  the promoter Winai Naksin has made the list of Phetngam Kertkhamphon to fight with Sitaek A. Bualert or Kerttisak Sitoadphibun in 127 pounds following by Yokmorakot W. Sangphraphai to face with Baikhan P. Onnut , Weeraponlek Waronafarm to face with Thepphawarit Rawaimuaithai , Thuakhao Kertkhamphon to face with Daterit P. Telakul, Khamphangphet W. Wisut to face with Laimek Chareonkaserm , Pangpond S. Warittha to face with Kaewnin Chareonkaserm , Phetdam Kerttiphan to face with Kongesarn Sitsianae , Yuma or Japanese boxer W. Wanchai to face with Khom T. Pran 49 , Koki or Japanese boxer W. Wanchai to face with Phetsamred Luaknongyaithong.

Besides, the promoter Kingthong has claimed to this boxing program that it has selected the quality ones for the Muay Thai fans in Thailand , especially for the master couple boxer or Phetngam to show the great form  after tie up with Fahsatan  as well as knocking Khomkert T. Manothamraksa beautifully or winning and losing for once time with Pangpond and Kaewnin. Then, for this time he might gain at least 200000 baht in order to open chance for Daterit to get revenge of his couple boxer ,which is hard to predict the winner of this game.

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