It should believe the performance of Mit Nakorn to assist all boxers to be the excellent ones.

Bangsarn or Asarn Chaichareon of S. Chai Chareon from the south has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam after the 3 couple boxers , such as Singphikhad , Songkhlalek and Tony S. Chaichareon has created the good name to the boxing camp again in Rachadamnern Super Fight. Additionally, he has trusted of the work for Mit Nakorn , so he has made a decision to move his boxers to his responsibility for making them to become the famous ones of this boxing circle in the future.

Asarn said that in this moment we should make much popularity to his boxing camp , so he has been confident on Mit Nakorn to assist Singphikhat , Songkhlalek and Tony as the famous boxers for sure.            In addition, Mit Nakorn has promised to these boxers to take care of them well with their hope , so it might be in the true way.

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