Muay Thai – The Perfect Way to Get in Shape

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is one of the oldest martial arts in the world and as the name suggest this combat sport originates from Thailand. Although this sport might look similar to people that are not very experienced in martial arts, the truth is that Muay Thai is different from other combat sports. Besides the punches with the fists like the ones used in boxing and the leg kicks used in kick-boxing there are many other moves like throwing opponents and a variety of kicks done with the elbows and knees.


Muay Thai is a very dynamic and interesting sport, because there are many different hand and foot techniques. Although today the risk of injury is minimized because there is good protective equipment like helmets and protectors for the elbows, forearm, lower legs and mouthguards, those who are learning Muay Thai need to be very careful especially when it comes to kicks performed with the knee and elbows. These kicks can lead to some serious problems. That’s why, those who are interested in taking Muay Thai training classes should join a Muay Thai training camp. These places can be found all over Thailand. They are the places where you can find professional trainers that can monitor your progress and help you avoid getting injured.

Men and women usually choose this sport because they want to learn how to protect themselves in situations when they are attacked by someone – self-defense. But more and more people visit these training camps to improve their fitness, physical condition, shape their body and mind and even to make progress in their loss weight plan. When it comes to recreational activities, the main goal of this combat sport training classes is to increase the strength, stamina and confidence through learning self-defense techniques and working with other people. Muay Thai helps in the process of the formation of toning muscles on the whole body, quickly lose excess weight and tighten the muscles of the arms, buttock, abdomen and legs. This type of training can help both men and women bring their look to perfection!